Sweetheart Cottage 2 - Canvas Classic - Thomas Kinkade

Gorgeous 16" X 12" Canvas -- Framed Size 22" X 18" - Just $395!

This beautiful print of Thomas Kinkade's masterpiece is now made available in this spectacular Canvas Classic. This is his tribute to romance. Please note the 214 address under the heart-shaped window. There are many valentine hearts hidden within the picture. The more you find, perhaps the more romantic you are. Other than its beauty, here are some of the great features, reasons why you should buy one of these:

  • Affordable Beauty
  • The Luxury of a Canvas Print
  • Large Antique Gold Museum Frame
  • 22" X 18" Framed Size (canvas image size 16" x 12")
  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Brass Plaque (not pictured) with Print and Artist's Name
Sweetheart Cottage II - GOLD Canvas Classic Print - KK - SW2GC - 091501 - $395.00 SOLD OUT

For the second work in my Sweetheart Cottages collection, I've conjured a vision of a perfect romantic hideaway. "Falbrooke Thatch" is nestled right next to a charming little waterfall, with an arched footbridge leading from the front door over the falls. I've devoted "Falbrooke Thatch" to Valentine's Day (note the 214 address just below the heart-shaped window) and to romance. In fact, I've hidden hearts throughout the painting. The more hearts you can find, the more romantic you are.

Thomas Kinkade

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