Prince of Peace - Canvas Classic - Thomas Kinkade

Impressive Museum Frame!  Very Affordable!

"... How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed..."

How true this was for me in 1980 when, as an art student, I came to have a personal relationship with Christ. Just a few weeks later, awash in my newfound faith, I found myself sitting in an art class, my mind wandering. As I went through the motions, my eyes on the disinterested model posing for the class, I was suddenly struck with a powerful vision.

The vision that was laid on my heart that day is the painting you see before you, The Prince of Peace. It flowed from Him through my heart and hand onto the canvas very quickly. It was the first clear coming together of my art and my faith, a coming together that is visible, perhaps more subtly but just as profoundly, in each of my paintings even today.

To this day the painting inspires me as a vision from God. The strength of emotion I felt that day returns each and every time I see this painting. I am so thrilled that we are able to present this inspiring image to you during this Easter season. Perhaps in each of you who view it, this painting will sing of that most precious grace, our gift from The Prince of Peace.

This beautiful print, released in 1980 is now made available in this Canvas Classic. Other than its beauty, here are some of the great features, reasons why you should buy one of these:
  • Affordable Beauty
  • The Luxury of a Canvas Print
  • Large Antique Gold Museum Frame
  • 22 x 18" Framed (Actual image Size is 16 x 12")
  • Come with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Brass Plaque (not pictured) with Print and Artist's Name
Prince of Peace GOLD Framed Canvas Classic - KK - POPGC - 090501 - $300.00


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