"Memories of Christmas"
Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print


By THOMAS KINKADE -- "The Painter of Light"

This beaitiful print comes in a beautiful ready to frame format, Measuring 12" x 16".  These are Limited Editions.  Each paper lithograph is signed and individually numbered. Includes Manufacturer's Certificate of Authenticity. Made in USA. ALL are immediately available. Please select the size that YOU really want.  All come with brass plaques.

*Please Note: All of the Unframed Limited Edition Prints are shipped in Oversize Boxes for Protection. A $20 shipping fee will be added at time of order processing. It will NOT be reflected in your shopping cart total.

Memories of Christmas - Limited Edition 18" x 24"  Kinkade Print - Unframed  KK - MCLE - SN - 091902 - $370.00


"Christmas is the Season of Light, and the hue that permeates Memories of Christmas is the rosy glow of sunset. As you may know, I am partial to sunset: I believe that the drama and majesty of God's creation is palpable when the fire of a glorious sunset bathes the land.

  I've painted Memories of Christmas at sunset for another reason as well - the nostalgic vision of life is often described as "seeing the world through rose-colored glasses." I don't mind admitting that the vision of community I want to express in Memories of Christmas is perhaps best viewed through such tinted lenses.

  Christmas is the season when we are sustained by the communities in which we live; when we share our joy with the people who celebrate along with us. I believe that real communities can still be found along the rural roads of America. But the spirit of sharing and caring seems in my imagination even more alive in simpler times, perhaps near the start of the 20th Century.

  I've portrayed such a place and time in Memories of Christmas. Tin Lizzies and other vintage automobiles share the road with horse-drawn sleighs; a kindly neighbor pauses to chat with a mother and her little girl. The neighborhood church is in session, the lights of a Christmas evening meeting beckoning the good town's people to join the joyful celebration."

                                                                                                                                                                           -Thomas Kinkade

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