Hometown Lake Canvas Classic - Thomas Kinkade

Impressive Museum Frame!  1 Affordable Size!

This beautiful print, named after Thom's personal boyhood remembrances is now made available in these two Canvas Classics. Other than their beauty, here are some of the great features, reasons why you should buy one of these:
  • Affordable Beauty
  • The Luxury of a Canvas Print
  • Large Antique Gold Museum Frame
  • 14" x 16" Framed (image size 8" x 10") or 22" x 26" Framed (image 16" x 20")
  • Come with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Brass Plaque (not pictured) with Print and Artist's Name
HOMETOWN LAKE GOLD Framed Canvas Classic - KK - HLGC - 090601 - $250.00 SOLD OUT


With Hometown Lake, fourth in my Hometown Memories collection, I move beyond memory to the realm of my deepest imaginings. I'm intrigued by the vision of a lakeside village, where I wile away the days swimming, fishing, dreaming. I believe that people in every area of our nation and all parts of our culture share this vision, this longing for a peaceful lakeside place.
Thomas Kinkade

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