Glory of Morning - Thomas Kinkade

Only $89.95!!!

 Glory of Morning 13 x 16" Framed - KK - GOM - 102600R - $89.95
This Open Edition print of Thom's masterpiece is stunningly presented to you in an unbeatable format -- and at an even more unbeatable price!  Framed in a stunning Oak frame and matted in an impressive Floral-Embossed Ivory, this is gorgeous!  Adding to the effect is a printed border of Gold around the image, lending a double-matte effect!
  • 13 x 16" Framed in Quality Oak
  • 11 x 14" Matted Size

For me, the quality of light is a delight! Morning light is warm with the energy of a new day, yet the cool air is heavy with mist. My "Glory of Morning" sparkles with the light of just such a morning - warm light filtered through myriad tiny water drops until the colors glisten. You can see that light reflected on the flowers of a fabulous garden, each color so vibrant that the garden becomes a living rainbow. Flowers, artists - and Kinkade collectors - all delight to the glories of a lovely morning.  -- Thomas Kinkade