Block Island is a study of resolute courage and dignity. The house stands alone, severe, crisp of line. It supports the proud light tower. A single antique auto stands in its fenced yard; a solitary figure, back turned to the viewer, strides toward the comfort and consolation that the house offers. The sea has eroded the rocky coast; in centuries to come, the house itself will surely fall before the water's inexorable advance. A solitary ship sets out on its voyage to an unknowable destination, led away from danger by the stoic resident of Block Island.
Thomas Kinkade


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SALE PRICE $100 & $125.00!

Kinkade Block Island S/N Print - KK - BILE - 101604 - $125 18" x 27"

Kinkade Block Island S/N Print - KK - BILE - 101604 - $100 12" x 18"