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Beside Still Waters Classic - Thomas Kinkade

Gorgeous 8" X 10" Canvas -- Framed Size 14" X 16" - Just $215!

This beautiful print of Thomas Kinkade's masterpiece is now made available in this spectacular Canvas Classic. Beside Still Waters is Thomas Kinkade's idea of what Eden might have looked like. Other than its beauty, here are some of the great features, reasons why you should buy one of these:
  • Affordable Beauty
  • The Luxury of a Canvas Print
  • Large Antique Gold Museum Frame
  • 14 X 16" Framed Size (canvas image size 8 x 10")
  • Come with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Brass Plaque (not pictured) with Print and Artist's Name
Beside Still Waters GOLD FRAMED Canvas Classic Print - KK - BSWCG - 090901 - $215.00 SOLD OUT

There is a wonderful hideaway I visit only in my art, bathed in a silvery light, ablaze with flowers of every hue and description, silent save for murmur of gently rushing waters. Beside Still Waters is my vision of what the Garden of Eden must have been like. As a Christian, I speculate on the mystery and wonder of God's creation, when nature was perfect, unspoiled. As an artist, I try to convey my own wonder at the richness and variety I still find in the natural world.
Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade, Media Arts Group, Inc., San Jose, CA

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