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Who We Are

Kinkade Korner was begun by the Young Family in 1999.  This business that God has allowed them to start and maintain on the Internet has been their sole means of support.  The business, begun in New Jersey, has grown far beyond expectations. Besides our website business, we now have a full-scale  Dealership in West Monroe, Louisiana, New Creations Gallery.

We are unashamedly a Christian business, operating upon biblical principles. While we are attempting to make a fair living by selling you great artwork from  Christian artists, we do so with integrity, knowing that we shall all stand one day before God. You can buy with confidence over our Secure Server. Please keep in mind as you shop with us that we are also human, we do make mistakes. We ask therefore that you keep this in mind and please give us the benefit of the doubt. We are here to serve you.


Why This Place?

We wanted to be able to share the true Beauty of  artwork with YOU. We truly hope by providing these goods and services we will be able to serve people for the Lord in ALL that we do!

GREAT NEWS for those of you in Northeast Louisiana and Arkansas!  On September 23, 2002, we began moving our operations from New Jersey to West Monroe, Louisiana. We have opened a "Brick and Mortar"  Dealership there in an area known as Antique Alley. You are invited to come and view our fine artwork and gifts in person at NEW CREATIONS GALLERY, 219 Trenton Street, West Monroe!

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